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This Guy Hiked 350 Feet Down A Canyon, And What He Saw Hit Him Like Nothing Before

One day, a man named Zak Anderegg was hiking on 20 June 2010 in the middle of the Arizonian Desert when he came across a sign of life that desperately needed help – it was stuck right at the bottom of a 350-feet deep slot! A poor puppy was stuck in the pothole – and Zak knew he had to help.

Zak climbed in and out, and tried to feed it. He also got a cat carrier, at least 650 feet worth of sturdy rope and  a backpack full of gear ready. With a grapple, Zak managed to get the pup out safely and ferry it to a vet. The pup’s now in a safe forever home – with Zak himself! You can read their story in his book, ‘Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself’.

Check out this video below!

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