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Guide Dog Who Absolutely Loves Pluto Can’t Hold His Excitement When He Meets Him!

Mickey Mouse has a dog named Pluto. We all love Pluto! We all have our heroes – people we look up to or admire for the things that they have done. Believe it or not, dogs have heroes too! Pluto is that hero. What dog wouldn’t aspire to be just like Pluto? Well, actually, I don’t know if that is true at all. I bet most dogs have human heroes.

In any case, the dog in this video is about to meet a very large Pluto, and the excitement is intense! No matter how many times the dog is told to stay down – he just wants to roll around with his new friend! I know that I would never have been able to get my dog to lay down like that!

Take a look at this video

What a good dog! I wonder what was going through his head when he saw the person in the Pluto costume! Share away, people!