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Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Only To Come Home And Find House Is Completely Different

Audrey was a single mother. She had three children when she was diagnosed with stage two stomach and esophageal cancer. Audrey didn’t have much time left, but she wanted to be sure that her children would be taken care of after she was gone. She reached out to her neighbors, Tisha and Kevin and asked if they would be her children’s’ legal guardians.

Tisha had a hidden secret about her past – there was no way she was going to let Audrey’s kids go. Tisha and Kevin already had five of their own children – but they agreed. Audrey passed away, and Tisha and Kevin were now a family of ten. You will be in tears after just the first 90 seconds of this video – and it just keeps going!

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Yep, the FOX5 Surprise squad has something very special for Kevin and Tisha. I bet you loved it! Share away, people!