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How To Grow Your Own Pineapple At Home In 4 Easy Steps

It took me a long time to realize that pineapples don’t grow from the ground. Instead, these tasty fruits grow on trees.

To be honest, I didn’t grow up in an area where pineapples grew naturally. I only ever saw these fruits at the store.

I’ve spent the past few years growing coriander, lemons, basil, and ginger in my house.

My children love to eat the vegetables and fruits grown in our garden, but they refuse to help me take care of the plants.

When my daughter took an interest in pineapples, I saw this as an opportunity to share some gardening experience.

Regreto / Shutterstock

She agreed to try growing pineapple in our garden. I made a promise that the process would be rewarding.

After buying fresh pineapple from the local supermarket, we decided to start growing our own pineapple in the kitchen.

I was taken by surprise when my son agreed to help as well.

The process is quite simple. By following these four easy steps, you can start growing your own pineapple in no time.

1. Take off the crown 

After you’ve purchased a pineapple from the store, it is time to remove the crown. This can be accomplished by simply twisting or cutting off the top portion of the fruit. Give the stock a few days to dry out.

2. Place the crown in some water 

Pull some leaves off the bottom of the pineapple until the roots are visible. Next, put the crown in a glass of lukewarm water. Leave the crown in the glass until the roots have grown about an inch.

3. Place the pineapple in soil

Once the pineapple has grown some longer roots, plant the fruit in a flower pot with about an inch of soil.

4. Water the pineapple regularly

After the pineapple has been planted, make sure to water the fruit every day.