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Group Of Guys Were Enjoying A Bachelor Party In The Woods. Then They Become Heroes

Mitchel Craddock and his friends were holding a bachelor party in the woods of Tennessee, having already rented a cabin for the occasion. Instead enjoying themselves on the four-wheelers, a homeless mother dog named Annie caught their attention.

She sat outside the cabin door while the men were cooking bacon for themselves. Even though she would not enter the cabin, they had no doubt that she was hungry. But Annie acted strangely, she started to run into the woods then come back to them. They quickly caught on that Annie was trying to get them to follow her. So they followed her until she stopped near a makeshift den and barked. One of the men looked into the den and found 7 puppies inside! Thanks to them, all 7 puppies are now safe in their foster homes.

Look at this image:

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