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Grief Stricken Fisherman Left In Tears After Reuniting With Dog He Thought Had Drowned

Have you ever jumped for joy?! You know, you are just so happy that you – well, jump! I can’t say I have ever been that happy. Have you ever seen a grown may jump for joy? If not, you are about to – and it is just awesome! When his boat capsized off the coast of Victoria in Australia, the fisherman thought his dog, Jack, was forever lost at sea.

A few hours later, the water police towed the boat back to shore, and to everyone’s surprise, Jack was still on board – alive and well! The story made the news as film crews were on the scene. The raw emotion that the fisherman showed proves that man and dog are meant to be together. You may get a little choked up watching the reunion.

Take a look at this video

This man obviously loves his dog more than anything!

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