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Dying Man Sneaks Inside A Church Abandoned For 70 Years. The Realization He Makes Is Stunning

Being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer is a terrible thing. Greg Thomas was only 57 when he got that news. Doctors only gave him a few months to live. While out walking with his dog one day through Minnesota country – Greg found himself by a 150-year-old Catholic church that had been locked up for 70 years.

The church had been built by some Czech settlers. The building was slowly decaying. Greg decided that he wanted to give the church a new coat of paint. He decided that the church needed to be restored and he was the man to do it! It took several years, but – do you remember how the story started?

Take a look at this video

Greg was given only a few months to live – but he took years to restore the church! His cancer is in remission. Unbelievable, isn’t it?! Share away, people!