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100 Horses Trapped On An Island Face Certain Death — Until 6 Women Come To Save Them

In 2006, hundreds of horses were stranded in the Netherlands. This story is known know as the Great Netherlands Horse Rescue! After a storm had rolled through, the waters of the North sea had risen. The horses ended up being trapped on a tiny island – with water all around, the horses could get off. They were stuck on the tiny sliver of land for three days.

Welfare workers and firefighters managed to bring them food and water – but time was running out. The weather was bitterly cold and unforgiving. Finally, an amazing group of people were able to rescue them all. Watch the video below to see the amazing rescue. You may find yourself cheering them on!

Take a look at this video!

Six women rode horses that were not afraid of all the water, and they managed to get all trapped horses across to safety! Don’t forget to share!