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He Forbids His Dog From Going In The Pool, The Dog’s Response Will Have You Laughing!

Parents have rules. We know that most of the rules our parents have are for our own good – but that doesn’t mean we have to like it! Curfews, being polite, wearing clothes, looking both ways before crossing, and brushing our teeth – it can all be just a little too much! Max and Katie are Great Danes who just want to have fun!

Unfortunately, their owner says “no” to swimming. Max is beside himself and decides to voice his displeasure. His owner says “don’t do it” – but Max looks at the water says, “Mom, the water is right there, I could just do it!” Oh, and he almost does it -several times! If only mom weren’t watching – he’d just jump right in!

Take a look at this video!

The caption under the video said that Max is deaf, but understands sign language. He also has no problem complaining about his situation! Good boy, Max! Share away, people!