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Great Dane Goes Into Labor And Doctors Lose Count As She Gives Birth To ‘Never-Ending’ Litter

Man’s best friend indeed, dogs are lovable creatures that make life even sweeter. From smaller pooches to larger hounds, dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Great Danes fall in the latter camp, but don’t let their mighty exterior deceive you.

Great Danes are gentle giants, and with their great size comes great responsibility. This notion rings especially true during their pregnancies.

Given the scope of their bodies, Great Danes can carry numerous puppies at once. The average litter is 10 puppies.

Cleo, a precious Great Dane who gained 43 pounds during her pregnancy, revealed just how strong pups are while pregnant.

When Cleo’s owners noticed how lethargic and distressed she was, they figured she was carrying more puppies than usual.

In hopes of making the birthing process a painless one for Cleo, her owners rushed her to Kingman Animal Hospital following a particularly difficult day.

Realizing that she’d need all the medical attention she could get, Cleo was brought into immediate care.

Cleo had grown to such an enormous size that a C-section was warranted.

While the procedure was underway, the hospital’s veterinary physicians were floored by the amount of puppies coming out of Cleo.

After an intense 40-minute delivery, Cleo became the mother to 19 adorable puppies.

Cleo and her babies are back at home where they’re happy and healthy.