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Mom Gets A New Puppy So Great Dane Isn’t Happy. The Fit He Throws Is Hilarious!

Great Danes are huge dogs. But you probably knew that already. But did you know that they can also be incredibly jealous? Jealousy is never pretty, but when it comes to jealous animals, it can be sort of cute! But every dog is different. Some dogs could care less about a new puppy. The Great Dane in this video is not that dog.

When mom starts to dote on the new puppy, the Great Dane just can’t handle it! He has to do something! So, he jumps up onto mom as if to say “Do you still love ME, mom?” Or “Hello, do you see me now?” Did you notice the other dog in the video? He doesn’t seem to care too much about mom or the puppy.

Take a look at this video!

This Great Dane seems to think mommy won’t love him anymore with the new puppy. Poor fellow. Share away, people!