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Grandpa Comes Up With An Epic Plan To Handle His Out-Of-Control Grandson

What do you do when the child you love dearly starts to get out of control? A grandfather was shopping with his grandson when the child started screaming for candy. The grandfather used a very controlled voice and said: “Easy William, it is okay William.” A woman who was following the older man was impressed at how calm he was – considering how loud the little boy had become.

When the man got the to the checkout counter, the little boy started to throw things. The older man said, “William, relax, don’t get upset.” The woman approached the man in the parking lot to congratulate him on how he handled the situation. She said, “William is lucky to have you.”

Take a look at this image


Image Credit: Hrtwarming

The man said, “My name is William; the kid’s name is Kevin!” I bet you didn’t see that ending coming!

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