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Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For The First Time And Their Reaction Is Hilarious!

Who doesn’t like red hots? Those tiny, red candies that taste like cinnamon are fantastic (in small doses that is)! An interesting beverage out there called Fireball whiskey reportedly tastes like red hots (although I can’t verify this as I haven’t tried it). But, in this video, we have grandmas and Fireball Whiskey!

None of the grandmas named whiskey as a favorite beverage when asked, but they were willing to try Fireball Whiskey! Fireball Whiskey is made by Sazerac Company, located in Canada. The whiskey was introduced in 1984, and the label reads ““tastes like heaven and burns like hell” – so the grandmas pour shots and toss ‘em back! They are so careful and cute as they pour the shots!

Take a look at this video!

Did you see their hilarious reactions as the whiskey makes its way down?! I like the woman in orange the best!

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