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Grandma Sings For Newborn. In Seconds, Baby Girl’s Response Has Mom Running For Camera

Parents and grandparents alike are absolutely thrilled when their little ones first begin to gurgle and respond to external stimulus, and the giggles and smiles of their babies are something that effortlessly puts them in a good mood! Many parents interact with their babies in hopes of eliciting an adorable response and teaching them basic skills – like language and even music!

Image Credit: YouTube

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, singing and playing music for a baby can increase bonds between the little one and the singer, and it can also teach them a lot about music and encourage musical development. If you need proof, this adorable video says it all!

Image Credit: YouTube

While grandma cradles her little one, she sings a lovely classic song to her: 1935’s In the Mood, from Every Night at Eight. As she carefully sounds out each note and pronounces each word, the little baby stares intently at her, focusing hard, and then begins to repeat the notes that she sings, her mouth moving in an attempt to copy the formation of words. It’s too cute!

Naturally, as soon as the little one’s mom saw this happening, she just had to run and grab the camera – and it’s a good thing she did, as we’re blessed with this adorable video! Have you ever sung to a baby? What was their response?