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Grandma Puts Baby To Sleep, Then What Security Camera Captures Has Everyone Laughing

Grandmothers will dote on their grandchildren and spoil them rotten! It is a right they have earned, and they take their ‘job’ very seriously. If you ever need a babysitter, grandma is the best choice! One challenge that some grandmothers may face while babysitting is how to calm down a baby and get them to sleep.

Nikki Sharp Bishop had the nanny cam running when her mom was babysitting. What the camera captured was absolutely hilarious! No one ever expected to this adventure in babysitting to earn more than 59 million views!

The grandma, Valerie, had already gotten Lola to fall asleep in her arms, but, being vertically challenged, she sort of slipped when she put Lola in the crib – it is something you just have to watch to believe!

Take a look at this video

If I told you, wouldn’t believe it! As you will see, Lola and Valerie were just fine despite the blunder!

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