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Grandma Makes A Wrong Turn That’s When Grandson Sees Someone On The Ground

Six-year-old Karter Thorpe is a hero. He saw a man lying in a parking lot and knew that something wasn’t right. Karter was in the car with his grandmother, Carolyn Cook, when he saw the man lying on the ground in a Lowe’s parking lot in Virginia. Karter told his grandmother that the man was hurt and he needed help.

grandma and grandson

Image Credit: YouTube

Carolyn turned to look and realized he was right! Carolyn then called 911 and rushed to the man’s side – another passerby started CPR. The man was rushed to the hospital. Turns out the man had suffered a massive heart attack.

If it hadn’t been for Karter, the man might not have survived. The man’s family thanked Carolyn and Karter in a Facebook message. Luckily, Karter and Carolyn got there soon after the attack and saved his life!

Watch the video below to hear from Karter himself!

Such an amazing youngster!

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