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Glowworm Toy Sparks Warning After 5-Month-Old Baby Burned

The job of a parent never ends.

When our children are young, we do our best to protect them from harm – but you never expect the harm to be caused by a stuffed toy.

A new warning to parents whose children have a Gloworm toy.

The toy is advertised as having a friendly glowing face, and it plays lullaby songs to help soothe and calm infants.

glow toy burns baby

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But, Paulette Venables left her 5-month-old grandson in his crib with one and got burned!

According to Venables, the glowing toy started to heat up very quickly as Elijah snuggled up to it.

The smoke from the burning plastic set off the fire alarm. Elijah has red blisters on his neck, and the couch was singed.

glow toy burns baby

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Elijah was treated at a local hospital and is doing well, according to the family.

The Fire Service officer that responded to the call from Venables said they were lucky that the Gloworm didn’t catch fire.

Venables contacted the store they purchased the Gloworm from to warn them of what may happen.

glow toy burns baby

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A store spokesperson stated that the toy will not be sold until they can determine what happened.

Hasbro, the manufacturer of the Gloworm toy, has begun an investigation of their own.

Many people who have read this story have suggested that the problem could be from the battery inside the stuffed toy.

glow toy burns baby

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Gloworm toys have been around for many years, the chances of the toy itself being the issue does seem unlikely.

Perhaps the battery was faulty.

We hope Eli recovers quickly!

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