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Grandma Was Cooking When Her Favorite Song Played, Good Thing Daughter Had The Camera To Catch Grandma In Action

Fun has no age limit, and what some people call “young at heart”, others simply call living life to its fullest. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humor or your love of life, and most senior citizens will gladly tell you that they’re nothing like the laid back or relaxed way they’re often portrayed.

Mama C is the coolest grandma you’ll ever meet! She was minding her own business and cooking when Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” started to play. With such a classic bop blasting at full volume, there was no way she could resist the urge to dance and shake along. It just so happens that this song is one of her favorites, too!

First, she begins to groove from side to side with some fancy footwork while she stirs the contents of her cooking pot. Then, she puts it down, and that’s when it really starts to heat up on the dance floor. She lowers herself to the ground, never stopping her hip and knee jives, and climbs back up again in the smoothest way!

This adorable and awesome grandmother dances in ways you probably thought only the young ‘uns do! She even tries her hand at a little bit of twerking, which is all the more incredible and funny! You go, girl! Show us who’s got the moves!