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Grandma Falls And Can’t Get Up, Then She Whispers In Dog’s Ear To Get Help

This is story is about a dog’s true loyalty to its owner – especially in times of need. 91-year-old old lady Doris Jenkins, who resides in Caldwell and was getting ready for bed one night. She took off her medical alert gadget and walked to the kitchen for her medicine. After popping the pills, blood clots paralyzed her legs, sending her to the floor. She had no choice but to crawl out of the kitchen, where her dog Oreo stood.

Sensing that something was amiss, Oreo ran out at light-speed – straight down the street to alert a nearby caretaker. After following the dog home, the caretaker found Doris lying on the floor and called 911. Doris received medical care just on time, and was extremely grateful to her faithful little dog for his help.

Watch the news report below!

Wasn’t the Shih Tzu a brave and helpful pooch?

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