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Grandma Buys $4,000 In Gift Cards, Then Target Cashier Realizes It’s A Scam

Two employees working at a Target in Virginia helped a customer. Why did they do it? Because it was the right thing to do. An elderly couple came to the register with nearly $2,000 in gift cards. They told the cashier, Matthew Tebbens, that they needed the gift cards to get their grandson out of jail.

Matthew and fellow employee, Mariah Thomas grew immediately suspicious. The employees got more information from the couple and realized they were being scammed. No law enforcement facility is going to require gift cards as bail. Thanks to Matthew and Mariah, the couple did not purchase the gift cards. They were spared both the financial and emotional stress from the scam.

Take a look at this video

We have to look out for each other, the police can’t be everywhere to protect us. Be kind. Do the right thing for no other reason than it is right.

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