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Doctors Expect Sick Grandma To Die, Then Find Her Living With Hunky Young Neighbor

Share the love. Smile. Be kind. Say only nice things. These are lessons that all children need to learn. Norma Cook, 89, wasn’t expected live. The doctors all believed she would pass around the holidays after diagnosing her with leukemia which was complicated by pneumonia and other breathing difficulties. Norma was going to need 24-hour care at home. She found that with Chris Salvatore, her 31-year-old neighbor.

Chris, an actor, lived right across the hall from Norma. He started a GoFundMe page for Norma. But when he heard she was coming home and was going to need help – he offered to take care of her himself!

Chris thinks of Norma as his grandmother, and Norma feels like Chris is the grandson she never had. Chris uses Facebook to update his friends and fans on Norma’s condition.