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Grandma Left In Tears After Discovering What’s Happening To 4-Year-Old Girl

A four-year-old girl living in Texas was beaten to death by her mother, Jeri Quezada, 30, and the mother’s boyfriend, Charles Phifer, 34. Leiliana Wright was beaten with a bamboo stick and a belt.

Then she was tied up and put in a closet. The couple also reportedly threw the little girl against a wall.

All of this because she was drinking some of her brother’s juice.

grandma and girl

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Quezada lied about the girl’s injuries, she claimed Leiliana had slipped in the shower.

The wounds that covered the little girl’s body were not consistent with that claim. Leiliana died from blunt-force trauma to her stomach and head.

grandma and girl

Image Credit: Grand Prairie Police Department

Authorities also found whip marks on her back. Phifer claims to be in shock, he stated that he misses his “little buddy.”

Oh please, it is too late to play all innocent and shocked now.

grandma and girl

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