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Gorilla Notices A Tiny Lizard In His Enclosure And Simply Falls In Love With It

Like humans, animals are curious creatures. When they see something new or different, they will investigate. Those of you who have pets know that when you bring home something new your dog (or cat) has to check it out! My dog will stick her nose into every bag I bring into the house! Maybe she is just looking for something to eat! Gorillas are no different.

gorilla caterpillar

Image Credit: Reddit

Gorillas are amazing and awesome creatures. The gorillas in the video below live at the Calgary Zoo. They have found a tiny, fuzzy caterpillar on the bars of their enclosure and can’t seem to get enough!

gorilla caterpillar

Image Credit: YouTube

Instead of trying to touch or crush it – they simply watch the caterpillar. Take a look at this video

Gorillas are one of my favorite animals! They’re massive, but gentle, don’t you think? Share away, people!