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This Goose Is So Happy To See His Human That He Can’t Contain Himself! (Video)

Sometimes you may feel as if you are falling apart. The warm, strong embrace from another person can sometimes make you feel as if you are being put back together. Those embraces are, of course, called hugs. Hugs are magical and powerful. Even animals enjoy hugs and cuddles. In this video, a goose wants to get some love and snuggles from a human friend.

The scene took place in Little Rock, Arkansas. As soon as the goose hears the woman’s voice, she waddles (half flies and runs) over to get the love! Wings out and everything – it is as if the goose hasn’t seen her in years! But one hug isn’t’ enough! The goose honks and honks for more love!

Take a look at this video

Animals don’t lie, this woman obviously loves animals – and they love her in return!

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