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23-Year-Old Goldfish Suddenly Stops Swimming. Then Her Owners Make Her A Life Jacket!

When humans are learning to swim, we use floaties or some device to help prevent drowning. Eventually, we can take off the floaties and swim free. Animals that live in the water do not need such devices – right? Well, Sally is a 23-year-old goldfish living in London! In November 2016, Sally began to have a little trouble swimming.

Her owner’s boyfriend, Aidan, was having a hard time watching her struggle and sit on the bottom of the tank. So, he made Sally her very own floatation device! There was a little trial and error before the final version was ready. But now Sally is able to swim around and enjoy life once again! Check out the video below featuring Sally and her amazing floatation device.

Take a look at this video

All it took was some string, cork, and a little ingenuity! Maybe she could use a plant or two in that tank! Share away, people!