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Golden Retriever Hilariously Refuses To Give Up Pacifier, Has Giant Meltdown (Video)

Parents give their human children a pacifier to help – well, pacify them. Many children enjoy having the pacifier to calm them down – and they can be lifesavers when you are in public! Did you know that some dogs enjoy have a pacifier too? Just like children, dogs seem to enjoy having something in their mouths.

It may help keep them out of trouble too! Imagine how many pairs of shoes you can save by getting your dog a pacifier! The only trouble with pacifiers is getting your dog to give it up. Take the Golden Retriever in this video, for example. She is at peace, enjoying her pacifier when dad decides to take it away.

Take a look at this video!

Why he wants to disrupt her, I don’t know, but she lets him know that she isn’t happy about it! Lesson learned, leave the dog alone when she has her pacifier!

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