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Paul Harvey Told The World Why God Created Farmers. You Have To Hear This!

Did you catch the Super Bowl this year? That was some game! Not all the ads were as memorable. The ad in the video below was from Super Bowl XLVII, and it is a tribute to farmers. The voice you may recognize is Paul Harvey. Harvey is the well-known radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks.

Paul Harvey died in 2009, but he left his mark by broadcasting the news several days a week. The audio is a clip from a speech Harvey gave in 1978. It is the story of the American farmer, and it gives all the reasons why God created farmers. The video was used as a commercial by Dodge Ram.

Take a look at this video

You don’t even know it is an ad for Dodge until the end. It is a stirring speech. We need farmers and are grateful for all they do. Share away, people.