Image Credit: Jay Lavery / Facebook

This video brought to mind the song “Whistle while you work.” We should all have a little fun while we work. It helps the time go by faster. Farmer Jay Lavery takes that to a whole new level. He doesn’t whistle while he works with his goats – he dances! As Jay explains, he had several back surgeries years ago, and he now lives with pain every day.

Dancing, meditation, and yoga are how he deals with his pain – he doesn’t rely on drugs. In the video, he rocks out along with Sia’s song “Cheap Thrills.” His video went viral. It is fantastic to hear that Jay has found a way to relieve his back pain. It gives people out there how have pain hope. Jay hopes his video puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Take a look at this video!

If you live with pain, consider dancing – it seems to be working for Jay! Share away, people.