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He Was About To Go To Work When All Of A Sudden These Appeared Out Of Nowhere

In my neighborhood, you can count on seeing at least one or two people out for a jog in the morning, it is good exercise after all. But, can you imagine pulling out of your driveway only to see a gaggle of geese running down the street?! The geese seem to be out on a group exercise run and are rather disciplined as they pitter-patter down the street!

One large goose at the head of the line seems to be leading the group through the neighborhood. You can see another large goose in the middle of the pack (probably making sure no one gets out of line)! Be sure to have the volume up so you can hear the feet!

Take a look at this video

There is a logical explanation for this behavior! The smaller Canadian geese are too young to fly and keep pace with the adults, so they have to run instead! Share away, people!