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If You Ever Catch A Mouse In Your Home, This Is The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Do.

Not all furry things are welcome in people’s homes. Squirrels, rats, and mice are often seen as pests. There are traps and poisons you can buy to rid your home of these unwanted guests. Some people prefer to be more humane, however. Using glue traps to catch mice is one way to be more humane.

The glue traps won’t kill the mice – the tricky part when using glue traps is how to get the mouse unstuck without causing serious damage. Oil. Oil is the key. Once you have the mouse on the glue trap, put it in a box and pour some oil on the trap. The oil will help dissolve the glue.

Take a look at this video

Once the mouse is free, you can take the box outside and let the mouse run free! Spread the word! We don’t have to kill the mice! Hopefully, they don’t come back!