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Boyfriend Posts Ad On Craigslist After Girlfriend Insists On Getting Rid Of Dog

Ever see the television show “It’s me or the dog?” It airs on Animal Planet, and it is a good show.

This story is quite similar to that.

A man and his girlfriend moved in together. She hated the man’s dog, Molly, a beagle.


Image Credit: Clay Larsen / Flickr

He was given a choice – her or the dog.

A short time after, the man posted an ad on Craigslist – but not to sell the dog!


Image Credit: Craigslist

He was advertising the girlfriend! Ha Ha!

In the ad, the man said he has had her for a few years and that she likes to play games.

She has long hair, is high maintenance, and not fully trained.


Image Credit: Amy Marbach / Flickr

He went on to say that she won’t ever greet you at the door or give you unconditional love.

All this is about his girlfriend! OMG!


Image Credit: m-inacio / Flickr

I am so glad she was dumped, and Molly got to keep her home!

That man is a keeper!


Image Credit: Craigslist

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