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Girl With No Arms Was Abandoned By Mom, But When She Started Playing The Piano, Everyone Cried

Lorelai Mosnegutu has no arms but plays the piano beautifully! Lorelai was abandoned by her own mother when she was born without arms. Lorelai was adopted by a social worker and has blossomed! As you may imagine, life without arms is challenging. Lorelai hasn’t let that slow her down – she can use a laptop, paint, and as we mentioned – play the piano.

All with her feet! The video below is from Lorelai’s appearance on Romania’s Got Talent. When she first came on stage, everyone was a little stunned – some people probably felt bad for her. Just wait – Lorelai didn’t come to the show to get pity – she came to show the world she has mad skills!

Take a look at this video

Lorelai was given the golden buzzer by one of the judges! I wish I could play the piano half as well as she does!

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