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Girl Was On A Plane With A Controlling Older Man. Then Stewardess Realizes Something Is Very Wrong

Let us be honest, we don’t pay too much attention to the speech the flight attendants give us at the beginning of each flight. You have to feel for them as they look out at the passengers during that speech to find that most people aren’t even looking at them. Shelia Fedrick looks at her passengers, though – and she notices things.

During one flight she saw a dirty teenage girl get on board with a well-dressed man. Alarm bells went off in her head. Shelia managed to get the girl away from the man and found out that the girl was in serious trouble. Shelia told the captain, and got the police officers to wait for the man as soon as the plane landed.

Take a look at this video

As it turns out, the girl had been kidnapped and was going to be sold for sexual exploitation. Shelia saved her life. Pay attention to your flight attendants – they are trying to help you!

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