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Girl Wanting To Snap Photos With Puppy Wasn’t Expecting This Reaction!

Not everyone likes to have their picture taken. Some of us have the uncanny ability to blink or have a blank look on our faces in every single picture! It is a skill! LOL! During our lives, there are those times when taking pictures is expected.

Its like the first day of a new school year, school dances, graduations, and weddings.

Photos can preserve memories and happy times. They are a record of the things you have done and experienced. But, again, not everyone likes to have their picture taken! The puppy you see here is named Doobie.

Normally, Doobie is too cute to handle, but in this one picture, he isn’t. Kaycee Marie was heading to prom and she wanted to get a quick photo of herself and her beloved puppy before the dance.