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Girl Scout Writes Brutally-Honest Letter To Her Dad’s Rich Friend That Leaves Him In Tears

Girl Scout Cookies. You love them; I love them. They are delicious! In a girl scout troop, there is some competition to see who can sell the most boxes. You may find an order form hanging in your breakroom at work – you may find more than one!

Parents will often take those forms to work and sell a lot of cookies! I bet you have a favorite flavor! In this video, Mike Rowe reads a letter that girl scout wrote to a friend of her father’s.

The girl is oh, so creative! She rates the cookies and gives a flavor description of several. She is honest, which is refreshing. This young girl is driven and dedicated! Watch the video and try not to laugh when she describes the Toffeetastic cookie!

I won’t be buying any of those cookies! Be sure to spread the word!