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Heartless Girl Puts Dog In Dryer, Switches It On And Live Streams It On Social Media

A video shows a Dallas girl inexcusably forcing her Shih Tzu into a clothes dryer for a chance to gain likes and comments on Instagram.

The dog’s life is put in danger for entertainment and Insta-fame.

The Daily Mail reports that the girl live-streamed the video from a school.

Right before putting the dog in the dryer she can be heard saying, “I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna put his a** back in the dryer. He likes that s***.”

She claims she will put the dog “back in the dryer,” pointing to the possibility that this is not the first time she has abused the Shih Tzu.

The girl screams when the dog begins to spin in the hot dryer.

She laughs and claps at her amusing feat of abuse. The girl appears to be enjoying herself.

The girl’s extreme behavior shows an ignorance and disregard for animal life.

The girl stops the machine after 5 seconds of spinning.

She opens the door and the small Shih Tzu is noticeably uncomfortable and frightened.

The dog quickly jumps out of the dryer and runs to safety.

The girls says, “I’m sorry,” and she continues to laugh at the dog’s suffering.

The dog appears dizzy and afraid as the girl follows the dog down the hallway.

The video spread quickly. The girl deleted the video when her behavior was called into question.

The viral animal abuse video was picked up by Twitter and Reddit, causing outrage.

Retweeted over 8,000 times, the post on Twitter led to PETA and the police being contacted.

The girl deleted her Instagram account, but the damage was already done.

Twitter commenters made it clear that most people are aware that this behavior is disgusting, disturbing, and wrong.

The girl in the video hopefully has learned from her actions.