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Girl Left In Tears After Intentionally Inserting Doll’s Eye Into Her Own Eye Socket

This is a bizarre and scary story. An 11- year-old girl from Pompeu, Brazil took a plastic eye from her doll and inserted it into her eye socket! It, unfortunately, got stuck – and her mother actually tried to pull it out! Watch the video below if you dare! The mother, Rayssa Ivanny, was able to get the doll’s eye out and the girl doesn’t seem to have suffered permanent damage.

Ivanny posted the video on Facebook to serve as a warning to parents. She said that is it dangerous for children to put doll’s eyes into their eye. What bothers me about this is one, the girl is 11 – she should have known better. Two, why would someone take the time to video this incident? What is more important having a video or taking care of your child?

Take a look at this video

The Facebook video was viewed over 6.3 million times!

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