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10-Year-Old Girl Kills Herself To Make Her Mother ‘The Happiest Woman In The World’

Children are incredibly precious to us.

It is hard work trying to get one, and even harder trying to raise a child.

There is, after all, a reason why the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” exists.

Trying to prepare the next generation for their future ahead can be incredibly daunting.

With just how impressionable children can be, it is a major challenge to not only ensure you teach them the right values to be a good person, but also to avoid passing down as much of your own flaws and personal issues as well.

Sadly that, as we all know very well, is easier said than done.

Despite trying their best, our parents are only human – they aren’t perfect.

And in some cases, some parents aren’t good at parenting at all.

On the 6th of January this year, a young Mexican girl was found to have committed suicide in Aguascalientes after leaving behind a heartbreaking message for her mother.

The ten-year-old, identified only as Evelyn Nicole N., had chosen a particularly poignant day to pass from this world, as the 6th of January is often recognised in Christian communities as a festival known as Three Kings Day.

According to tradition, it is on this day that Catholic children from Spain and Mexico would receive gifts of all kinds from their parents.

In this girl’s case, it seems that she had attempted to give her mother a present she thought she would appreciate in turn.

A letter that was found near the girl’s body revealed that the child had been blaming herself for her father leaving both her mother and herself.

She had clearly internalised her mother’s blame and had been burdening herself with the guilt, thinking that her mother would be better off without her.

In it, she writes a desperate request to the Three Kings, asking them to grant her mother happiness, calm, and an easier life.

The reasons she cites for her suicide is tear-jerking – it seems that her mother had declared the girl had brought nothing into her life but misery and suffering, and blames the child for the departure of the father.

This has all clearly came to a head, and the girl had decided that the best present that could be given or received for the Three Kings is suicide, since she has internalized her mother’s blame and anger.

Emergency services later found the girl’s body after responding to a call at about 10:18pm, where they were told that a girl had passed away.

As of present, investigation is still ongoing.

In the meantime, authorities have identified her cause of death to likely be strangulation, and are still searching for the mother in order to charge her.

It is clear this girl had thought the world of her mother, and loved her very much.

This makes it absolutely gut-wrenching to see that she had thought her mother would have found her death much more preferable.

This really should not have been necessary, or the case.

If you know anyone who is feeling suicidal or needs help, try directing them to the National Suicide Prevention Line on 1-800-273-8255.

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