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Two 5-Year-Old Girls Are Bound And Blindfolded By Teachers At School As A Punishment

You see this little girl? She was blindfolded and restrained in school for ripping paper.

This shocking incident occurred in Surin, Thailand to two five-year-old girls.

They had been ripping paper – that is all they did.

I wonder what the teachers would have done if the children actually did something ‘bad’ like hit another child.

So, the teacher humiliated them both by tying them up.

handcuffed and blindfolded

Image Credit: N/A

In a shock twist, the headmaster of the school actually defended the actions of the teacher!

A second teacher took and shared the photos. Understandable, the parents of the girls were horrified.

The parents, headmaster, and teacher all sat down for a meeting.

The teachers agreed to pay $500 to each family.

handcuffed and blindfolded

Image Credit: N/A

The families are looking for a new school for their children.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, there are reports that one of the girls may have also been struck by a teacher.

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