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Girl Decapitates Venomous Snake, Gets Disturbing Surprise Seconds Later

You know that trope in horror movies where the killer or monster appears dead, but briefly comes back alive for one big scare before effectively dying for good? Well, apparently, that can happen in real life. Jill-Scott Mollett and her husband Avery’s daughters found a cottonmouth snake – more commonly known as the very deadly black moccasin snake – in the flowerbed of their home in Texas. Immediately, Avery rushed to cut off its head with the closest tool he could find: tree loppers.

snake decapitated

Image Credit: N/A

But as the snake’s head came off, it actually lashed around and bared its fangs for a few more seconds before going limp. Woah! Terrifying!

snake decapitated

Image Credit: Jill-Scott Mollett / Facebook

Mollett recorded a video of the incident and posted it on Facebook, where it went viral and gained a multitude of comments, some saying that the snake should have been left alone and others praising the family for its quick action.

A bite from this snake can result in the need to amputate limbs. However, it is not commonly fatal if treated. Share away, people.