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Little Girl On Stage Choreographs Her Own Hilarious Dance That Has Everyone Laughing!

The life of a choreographer has got to be challenging. They have to come up with new moves to captivate audiences. They have to find dancers that can pull off all the daring moves too. The preschooler in this video makes the job seem super easy. She has come up with her own choreography to the song “Broadway Baby” from the musical “Follies.”

Keep your eye on the girl in the middle of the shot. In the beginning, she keeps up with the rest of the group – but she can’t contain her excitement for long and soon is off doing her own little thing. Just watch and see what she does. You may find yourself cheering along with the audience by the end.

Take a look at this video

The girls on either side of her keep getting distracted, but you can tell the audience enjoyed her performance!

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