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Girl Is Being Bullied At The Bus Stop, But Watch What The Adults Do

A worrying phenomenon around the world has led to one in three children experiencing some form of bullying at school, be it mental, emotional, or physical. In an effort to see if anyone would step in and help a bullied child, UP TV set up a social experiment at a bus stop.

A hidden camera was installed and three children were sat at the bus stop, with two acting as bullies and one as the victim. The scene was acted out in front of a wide array of adults from all walks of life. And in each and every single occurrence, these adults would respond and tell the bullies off. Some asked the bullied child to sit next to them. One even took out a harmonica to cheer the girl up!

Take a look at this video

These touching responses involving so many people coming to this girl’s aid prove that there is hope to ending the bullying epidemic. It definitely warms one’s heart!

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