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6-Year-Old Girl Handcuffed And Detained For Bringing Piece Of Dessert To School With Lunch

In Chicago, a 6-year-old girl named Madisyn Moore got handcuffed and punished near the school staircase – all for just stealing one piece of candy.

Madisyn was tattled on by a few children at Fernwood Elementary School, who told a security guard that she had stolen a piece of candy.

The security guard started to become furious, and grabbed Madisyn once he found her – all the while saying that “he was going to teach her a f—king lesson”.

This has led to Madisyn’s mother, Marlena Wordlaw to file a lawsuit in response to this incident against the Chicago Board of Education and the security guard.

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Marlena reasoned that Madisyn’s lunchbox had already contained the candy.

The family attorney, Jeffery Granich stated that Divelle Yarbrough’s punishment method caused Madisyn great emotional trauma and distress.

The Board fired the security guard, and labelled him as a ‘do not hire’ employee.

Despite this incident, no police charges were filed against Divelle.

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Watch the news report below:

Madisyn’s mother is now reportedly on the lookout for another school for her daughter.

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