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Giraffe Lost Hope After Being Rescued From A Barbed Fence. Then Rescuers Poke Him With Sticks

A couple of men found a giraffe stuck in a barbed wire fence. The wire had gotten bound around the giraffe’s ankle and it was in extreme pain. The men worked to free the giraffe. The animal was writhing in pain and they had to avoid getting kicked! Once the giraffe was free, it doesn’t seem interested in living anymore.

It is as if all the life has just left it. You can see another giraffe just off in the distance (and several further back). We have no idea how long the giraffe was there, he could be exhausted. The men poke and prod the giraffe then BOOM! He is up and running off! The men are triumphant and proud!

Take a look at this video!

They helped save the giraffe from certain death. The newly freed giraffe heads off towards his friends. Well done guys! Thank you for sharing.

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