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Tiny Kitten Crawls Inside Hoodie, But No One Was Prepared For Such Cuteness!

Cats are amazing creatures. They can jump great distances and heights. They have sharp senses and seem to have an endless supply of energy. They also sleep about 18 hours every day – so, yes, when they are awake, they are pretty well rested! Cat owners will tell you that they find their cats sleeping in some strange places.

In things, under things, and maybe in between the cushions on the couch! The tiny kitten in this video has found (he actually got some help finding and getting in) himself a nice hoodie to sleep in. The funny thing about the hoodie is that someone is wearing it! The cat has curled up in the hood!

Take a look at this video!

It is like a cat hammock! If the person walks, the cat can enjoy the gentle swaying motion. Not to mention the shared body heat! Share away, people!