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Ginger Cat Who’s Registered As An Arctic Fox On Paper Gets All The Love A Cat Needs

This handsome ginger cat is registered as an arctic fox. Strange – right? I mean, you can clearly see that this is no fox! But, on Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago, cats are not allowed. So, for Kesha to live in the community, he is registered as a fox – so he can stay! Kesha was brought to Svalbard by the Russians.

The locals all love Kesha and will regularly bring him treats. According to the locals, Kesha wanders his territory during the day. He likes to people watch. At night, he will lay his head at a local mechanical workshop.

At least he has some shelter from the cold temperatures! Here is a little geography lesson for you! Svalbard is, according to Wikipedia, the northernmost inhabited area and lies between Norway and the North Pole. The terrain is rugged.

arctic fox

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During the winter the Northern Lights can be seen there. The summer has the “midnight sun” which means there is sunlight 24 hours a day! The CIA reports that there were only 1,872 people who live on Svalbard in 2014. Fifty-five percent of the people were Norwegian, and 44.3% were Russian and Ukrainian.

arctic fox

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Svalbard’s main source of revenue is tourism. I suppose that it is best that no one actually check to see if Kesha is an arctic fox or not. The happy cat doesn’t seem to be interfering too much with the area’s ecology. I would tell you to share this story – but we don’t want Kesha to lose his home!

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