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They Entered Class And Saw A Cat Sitting On The Chair — Then They Read His Collar…

Bubba is a ginger cat who loves to learn. No, seriously, he goes to school every day! Bubba visits Leland High School in San Jose, California to learn new and exciting things! He is a very special cat!

The school has even issued him his own school identification card – which is proof that he is a member of the school! In the mornings, Bubba will go to his classes, hang out with his fellow students and even attend the school’s sporting events.

Bubba will stay on the school grounds until every game has ended. He has a lot of school spirit! Amber Marienthal adopted Bubba back in 2009. She said that Bubba was an indoor cat when they first adopted him.

Then one day he just seemed to want to go outside instead. Now, he goes to school every day! Of course, he isn’t tall enough to open the door, so he waits outside for his fellow students to let him in!