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They Rescued This Dog Called Gilbert, But What’s That Near His Chest

The stories of rescued dogs are a amazing thing – especially this one, about a dog who never chose to give up and never stopped believing that there was someone out there to care for him.

One day, local animal rescue group, Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue located in New Mexico found a dog named Gilbert and rescued him from a kill-shelter. They found something surprising near his belly, and examined it closely.

Nicknamed ‘Gilbert Grape’, the pure-bred male Weimaraner had a severely infected tumor that weighed him down till he was unable to walk – it weighed at least 12 pounds! Tickled Pink immediately wheeled Gilbert in for an emergency operation to remove it.

Image Credit: PetsFans

Gilbert underwent surgery under 4 very experienced veterinarians to remove the tumor, and the operation was met with huge success!

Image Credit: PetsFans

Gilbert’s operation costs $6800, but the donation campaign raised more than double of the amount, thanks to the generosity of animal lovers worldwide!

Image Credit: PetsFans