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Parents Learn Their Fate After ‘Gifting’ Their Daughters To A 52-Year-Old Man

Daniel Stoltzfus, 42, and his wife Savilla, 43, are an Amish couple who have had a rough life. First, their son was killed in a farming accident, then they split off from their fellow Amish after a conflict. Then, to add insult to injury, they had their loan revoked and were penniless.

So, instead of working or asking for help, the couple decided that it would be best to allow six of their daughters to marry the same 52-year-old man! Lee Donald Kaplan offered the family money and only wanted the daughters in payment. One of the girls claims she was just seven years old when she married Kaplan and had sex with him. Neighbors began to get suspicious and called the authorities.

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Kaplan was convicted on 17 counts of sex crimes and the judge wasn’t too happy about the Stoltzfus’ selling the children as ‘sex slaves.’ Share away, people.