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These Giant Rats Exist — And They’re Saving People’s Lives

Landmines are a dangerous and deadly weapon – one step around them could blow a man into smithereens. They continue to threaten lives all around the world today even – theses deadly devices stay hidden beneath the ground, making it extremely difficult to locate and disarm.

In Belgium, a non-profit organization named Anti-Personnel Landmines Removal Product Development (APOPO) has made global headlines to counter this problem – due to the special training given to a squad of African giant pouched rats! These rats aren’t pests, though – they save lives by sniffing these explosives out.

Image Credit: BBC Earth / YouTube

These rats may be larger than the ordinary species, but they have been specifically trained to locate landmines so that they can be urgently removed – a useful aid for human life!

Image Credit: BBC Earth / YouTube

Check out the documentary below!

Seems that not all rodents are pests to human life, after all!

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